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Screenplays & The Lionized Work Of Analysis!

Hello folks, in between tumultuous days of COVID-19 consequences and my personal decision making, I have come up with a book review, getting perspective with new colleagues and plenty of scientific and creative engagement. To those of you familiar with not only creative writing but screenplays as well, there's a canon and a one-way ticket for all screenwriters, that is called script coverage. But let's just get into the analytical details of what exactly is happening right now in my mind and my creativity. First of all, I have come up with delightful comments related with my book review, as well as weaknesses that should be the deal of other partners. Meanwhile, I would definitely feel reluctant and thoughtful if I'd say that "the art of book reviews" is the single and most professional solution for me and my work. The Words of Emily Logan has been described as a love-addled screenplay, a work that is tender, relatable, fast-paced. The bones of this long-game love

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